Lash Lockdown Care & Removal Kit (RRP: £39.95)

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If you have had to cancel your clients' upcoming appointments and they are worried about keeping their lashes looking fab, you can offer them the Lash Lockdown Care & Removal Kit filled with oil-free products they can use to keep their lashes in good condition until their next appointment!


Kit includes: 

1x Lift Off Foaming Cleanser - works effectively to remove eye makeup and cleanse the eye area.

1x Black Mascara - is formulated for lash extensions, coating lashes to boost those needing an infill.

1x Easy Lift Gel Remover - is formulated to carefully and effectively remove eyelash extensions at home.

1x Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning Serum - grooms lashes and brows whilst stimulating healthy hair growth, perfect for natural lashes when taking a lash break.

1x pair of Gel Patches to use in the removal process.

1x Lash Cleansing Brush to use with the Lift Off Foaming Cleanser.


Kit includes instruction leaflet on how to remove lashes!

    • Unique lash care kit with oil-free products!
    • Limited edition!
    • Includes popular best selling products!
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Directions of use

The Lash Lockdown Care & Removal Kit offers products to keep lashes looking their best, as well a gentle home remover which easily removes lashes. 

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