Lash Perfect Ultimate Delicate Clear Eyelash Extension Glue

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The latest addition to our collection of professional, medical grade eyelash extension adhesives. Perfect for clients with sensitive eyes thanks to its low-fume formula. With a drying time of just 1-second, this is unlike other sensitive glues!

Ultimate Delicate Clear Adhesive: Eyelash Extension Glue for Sensitive Eyes and Fast Application 

Looking for a gentle, clear lash extension glue that delivers strong hold and dries lightning fast? Look no further! Lash Perfect Ultimate Delicate Clear Adhesive is a dream come true for both you and any clients with sensitive eyes. 

Here's what makes it special: 

Super sensitive: Low-fume formula makes it ideal for clients with sensitive eyes who still crave beautiful lash extensions. 

Fast drying: Dries in just 1 second, perfect for experienced lash technicians who value speed. Unlike other sensitive glues, this one won't slow you down. 

Clear finish: Creates a seamless bond between natural and extension lashes for a flawless look. 

Gentle yet strong: Latex and formaldehyde-free. Oil and heat-resistant for long-lasting wear. 

Experience the best of both worlds: gentle application for sensitive eyes and rapid drying for efficient lash artists. 

Make Ultimate Delicate Clear Adhesive your new go-to lash extension glue!


With Ultimate Delicate, you will need to use the red pin included in the box to pierce the nozzle of the bottle before first use. 

More Information
Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use
  • With Ultimate Delicate, you will need to use the red pin included in the box to pierce the nozzle of the bottle before first use. 
  • 5g bottle - please store upright and out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry place.
  • Increased humidity and temperature will alter the curing time.
  • As with all of our adhesives, this product must be used within 3 months of opening. Adhesives must be opened within 6 months of purchase.
  • Shake well before use and keep nib clean.
  • Do not use near cotton wool, wipes or fibres as can cause a chemical reaction.
  • Only to be used on closed-eye treatments.
  • To find out how to apply lash extensions, please visit our training pages

Q: How fast does this glue dry?

A: 1 seconds.

Q: Do I need to train in lashes to use this adhesive?

A: Yes. Lash extension courses are available for those who are not certified lash technicians. There are lash application techniques you need to learn in order to offer successful and safe lash extension treatments.

Q: What makes Ultimate Delicate glue for eyelashes different to other sensitive glues?

A: Often, sensitive glues, or low odour glues have a slower drying time. This isn't ideal for fast working techs, so we developed a clear fast-drying sensitive eyelash adhesive which will suit speedy techs.

Q: How can using this lash extension glue help improve client retention?

A: Normally you can expect clients to return for lash infills every 2-3 weeks – however, this adhesive allows longer wear time which equals happier clients. In turn, this drives more love and loyalty for you and your beauty salon or beauty business.

Q: Is this lash extension glue vegan?

A: Yes, this lash extension adhesive is vegan-friendly.

Q: Does this glue contain latex?

A: No, this lash glue does not contain latex.


Due to its fast drying formula, place the lash extension directly on top of the natural lash. Avoid sweeping up the natural lash as adhesive will dry too quickly.

The formulation has high viscosity so your adhesive bonds and lashes/fans will stay in place perfectly while curing. 

Latex free eyelash glue has a very stable formula, so the glue doesn’t easily separate. 

Easy to remove with eyelash glue remover.

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