Pro Shop Lashes

Our Lashes Professional Shop is for qualified technicians only. If you have an account, please sign in. If you are qualified, please contact us on 0208 500 9028 to set up your account – then you will be able to order. In the meantime, feel free to browse through our fantastic range of retail products.

Russian Varia Small (7, 9, 11mm - 18 lines)
C Curl - Extra Thick (0.20) 6mm
Russian Super Fine (0.05) B Curl 8mm
Russian Extra Fine (0.07) B Curl 8mm
C Curl - Super Thick (0.25) 9mm
Russian Super Fine (0.05) C Curl 8mm
B Curl - Thick (0.15) 8mm
Russian Extra Fine (0.07) C Curl 8mm
B Curl - Extra Thick (0.20) 8mm
B Curl - Super Thick (0.25) 10mm