Lash Perfect In a Strip #4 (RRP £12.95)

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Touch of Glamour In a Strip #4 create a soft effect, perfect for those who would like to achieve a subtly stylish lash look. The long lashes give a more natural result than #1, #2 and #3 In a Strip lashes. Includes strip lash glue.
  • Lash Perfect In A Strip lashes mimic lash extensions with the full, fluffy styles.
  • Available in 6 styles, ranging from light and fluffy to full and dramatic.
  • Includes Strip Lash Glue!
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Directions of use

Apply your normal eye makeup. Apply Strip Lash Glue to the strip of the lashes, allow to dry in the air for around 30 seconds. Looking down into a mirror, apply the strip lashes as close to your water line as possible. Lastly, top up any makeup you need to.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060644161067
Weight: 0.02kgs
Dimensions: L: 23.00cm, W: 72.00cm, H: 65.00cm

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