What is Brow Stain

Hi Brow Stain, also known as Hybrid Brow Dye or simply brow dye, is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment that smoothly stains the skin and hair, giving the appearance of fuller, more defined brows. It is a popular alternative to traditional brow tinting or henna, as it provides a beautifully bold brow look with lasting results.

Brow stain dye, which is a liquid supplied in a bottle, typically lasts for up to 6 weeks on the hair and up to 10 days on the skin. This makes it a good option for clients who want to avoid having to apply brow makeup every day.



Brow stain is perfect for brow techs looking for a speedy but lucrative professional brow treatment. The average cost per brow stain treatment is 25p, while we recommend charging more for the service than regular brow treatments due to its longevity.

A plus for brow lamination techs is that this product, unlike henna, can be used straight after brow laminating treatments.

This professional tinting collection is available in 4 colours, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown and Brown Black, which can be mixed to create bespoke colours depending on your client’s preferences. For subtle brow looks, it is recommended to leave the brow stain to develop for less time.

Is Brow Stain like Henna?

Brow Stain is a hybrid dye including richer tinting ingredients including PPD. This helps the stain stay on the skin for longer than other tinting products. Stain is different to henna, but provides similar results.

Benefits of Brow Tinting

Brow tint:

  • Can make brows appear darker and fuller, which can help frame the face.
  • Helps to define the brow shape and create a more groomed appearance.
  • Lasts for up to 6 weeks, and it doesn't require daily maintenance.
  • Can be used to camouflage grey hairs.
  • Can be used to match brows to dyed or highlighted hair.

How Does a Brow Stain Tint Work?

Brow stain works by depositing a semi-permanent dye onto the hair. The dye penetrates the cuticle of the hair and binds to the keratin, which is the protein that makes up hair. This gives the hair a darker colour.

Some tints, such as brow stain, also stain the skin underneath the brow hairs, which helps to fill in any gaps and create a more defined brow shape. The skin stain typically fades within a few days, but the hair colour will last for several weeks.

Brow stain is activated with the tint developer (in a 2:1 ratio) to create stunning results in 2 – 10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity of the colour.

How Long Does Brow Tint Last?

The longevity of brow tinting treatments depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Client hair texture
  • Client skin type
  • Preparation of the brow hair and skin
  • Type of tint products used
  • Strength of tint solution
  • Selected timings of the development of the tint

Tint results can last on the brow hair and skin for the length of time in the table below. This should be an important factor in choosing the right type of tinting treatment for your client.

Tinted Area Hi Brow Stain Hi Brow Professional Tint Hi Brow QIC Capsules
Longevity on Brow Hairs Up to 6 weeks Up to 4 - 6 weeks Up to 4 – 6 weeks
Longevity on Skin Up to 10 days Light skin tint results for up 3 days 5 – 7 days

How Much Can I Charge For Brow Stain Treatments?

There are various brow tint treatments to offer – pricing for them will depend on your location, competition in your area and your skill/certification level, but roughly you can expect to charge the below for brow stain treatments versus other professional tinting treatments.

Hi Brow Hybrid Stain Dye Hi Brow Professional Tint Hi Brow QIC Capsules
£11.00 £9.95 £10.00
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