Remote Online Training is becoming the new normal - but what makes our industry accredited training so good, and why should you spend your free time learning a new skill?

Home Study

You will study the theory of the treatment at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home!


You can practice & perfect the technique in your own time, moving on to the next session of the training when you are ready! Remote Online Training is completely flexible and works around you!


Various kits are available to suit your budget with all the training essential products you’ll need.

Training Materials

You will have access to online resources including manuals, tutorial videos and more! You can use these materials to assist with your learning.


Remote Online Training includes a final face-to-face assessment (when safe to attend) available in London, Essex, Manchester, Birmingham and Glasgow. After this, and completion of any required case studies, you will be certified in your chosen treatment and ready to offer it to clients!

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We hope you'll train with us soon!