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What is Lash Perfect Express?

Using an express technique, individual synthetic ‘mink’ lashes are applied across the lash line in just 30 minutes. This short, effective treatment is the perfect addition to your lash treatment menu. Synthetic ‘mink’ eyelash extensions last up to 2 weeks and then should be removed and reapplied if desired. These lashes can be applied in a subtle, natural style or be built up to provide a more glamorous look.

Our premium AAA grade lashes come in a range of thicknesses, curls and lengths meaning you can create a bespoke look for every client. With a range of high-quality retail products, Lash Perfect has all you need for your Express ‘mink’ lash extension treatments!

Key Course Information

COURSE LOCATIONS: London | Essex | Birmingham | Manchester | Scotland
COURSE LENGTH: Half-day Lash Perfect Express courses typically run from 10am - 1.30pm
PRICES FROM: £238.80 inc VAT
TREATMENT RRP: Depending on your location, you can charge between £15 - £35.
TREATMENT TIMINGS: Once the technique is mastered, you will be able to apply Express lashes in 30 minutes.
TREATMENT LONGEVITY: Lash Perfect Express Lashes last up to 2 -3 weeks on the natural lashes, then will need professional removal.

Upon request, we can also offer onsite training in a location of your choice. Please contact our training team at for more information and a quote.

Why choose Lash Perfect Express training?

Lash Perfect is a recognised brand in the beauty industry offering professional, accredited training across the globe. We offer a number of courses for a range of lash and brow treatments, as well as a vast selection of retail products to give you an excellent upselling opportunity.

Lash Perfect Express is a highly profitable eyelash extension treatment and is easy to introduce as a standalone business or as an addition to your existing salon menu.

What Is Taught On The Course?

Lash Perfect's Express training course will cover everything you need to know about providing synthetic ‘mink’ eyelash extension treatments. The course will cover:

  • Health & safety of working near the eye area
  • Contra-indications
  • Removal procedure
  • Aftercare advice
  • Treatment procedure
  • Product and brand knowledge including, adhesive curing process, lash curls, thicknesses and lengths

What our customers have to say about Lash Perfect Express training

"Had my Lash Perfect Express training today in Essex and loved it! Great trainer and a fantastic course! I feel really confident - can’t wait to start doing Express treatments on my clients!"
- Samantha Salfairso

"Very pleased with Lash Perfect! The training is fantastic and very informative and helpful..."
- Sarah Cole

"Great training - really professional, great aftercare and follow up service. I am proud to offer a Lash Perfect service and their high-end products. Thank you!"
- Andrea Martin