Lash Perfect Express Eyelash Extensions Practical Session Information

Preparing for your Practical Assessment:

We recommend you take time to revise by watching the treatment videos on the training platform, understanding the products you are going to use and prepare for the treatment. To help, you can go back and re-visit any part of the training platform before your scheduled assessment time.

Your practical assessment is an opportunity for us to track your progress and is an interactive session. Your trainer will be able to help and advise you while observing the skills you have developed during your practice at home.

If you wish to make any changes to your booking, this needs to be made at least 4 working days before the session date.

Please read the following points and if you have any questions before your session, please call our customer service team on 0208 500 9028 or email us on

  • You will need a model who is happy to have the treatment on the assessment day. Your model will need to be able to lay still for the duration of the assessment.
  • Before connecting with your trainer, complete a treatment record card with your model.
  • Ensure the record card is dated, signed and you have checked for any contra-indications.
  • If you are performing a tint, you must have completed an allergy alert test on your model 48 hours before the treatment. Note the results on the record card.
  • Ensure you have good internet connection, and the trainer can contact you at your scheduled time.
  • Position your phone or tablet on a stable surface where the trainer will be able to view you performing the treatment. You may wish to consider using a ring light if you have one.

Important model information: Your choice of model for Lash Perfect Express Eyelash Extensions should not be wearing any eyelash extensions.

The Pathway to Certification:

Your trainer will give you feedback during the training day - they will look to ensure you have understood the correct procedures and demonstrated a full understanding of the treatment. 
Please see below to understand the criteria you will be assessed on for your course:

  Category Criteria
1 Hygiene, Health and Safety PPE is used if needed and the technician is working in a clean environment.
2 The technician is using clean or sterilised tools according to the treatment and disposing of used items correctly.
3 Consultation & Record Card The technician completes a consultation at the beginning of the treatment and the record card is signed by both the technician and client.
4 The technician ensures they have a good understanding of the client's expectations of the finished results.
5 Selection of Lashes Suitable lashes are selected to achieve the client's desired result.
6 The technician shows a good knowledge and understanding of different lash curls, thicknesses and lengths.
7 Cleansing the Lashes The lashes are cleansed thoroughly.
8 Application of Gel Patches Appropriate gel patches have been selected and applied well ensuring all lower lashes are covered and not touching the waterline for client comfort.
9 Application of Pre Treatment Pre Treatment is applied correctly with a micro brush and sponge applicator and no product enters the eye.
10 Eyelash Extension Application The eyelash extensions are picked up from the lash mat or lash strip at the correct angle.
11 Eyelash extensions are applied 1 - 2mm from the lash line
12 Eyelash extensions are not stuck to adjacent lashes or to the eyelid.
13 Eyelash extensions are placed consistently along the lid line.
14 The correct amount of adhesive is dispensed into the glue ring.
15 The correct amount of adhesive has been applied onto the eyelash extension.
16 Open eye technique only: The technician has worked safely around the open eye area.
17 Finishing the Treatment Suitable finishing products have been applied to the eyelash extensions.
18 Aftercare & Maintenance Detailed aftercare has been provided to the client.
19 Detailed maintenance procedure has been provided to the client.
20 All products used are noted for future reference on the record card.
21 Understanding the Treatment The technician has a good understanding of the treatment and application was performed correctly and safely.


During the session, the trainer sometimes identifies an area where you would benefit from some extra practice. On these occasions, you will be asked to send some extra photographic evidence to before certification.

Once the assessment is completed, your trainer will send you an email confirming either a successful outcome or if any additional information is required to gain your certificate.

When you have successfully completed your practical assessment and provided any additional evidence which might be required, you can log in to the training platform to complete a short feedback form. Once you have completed the feedback form, you will receive your certificate straight to your email.

On occasions the trainer may feel you would benefit from another webinar. If this is the case, customer services will be in contact to arrange this with you. 

How to find clients!

We have partnered with Solo to help you find clients easily with our tech finder – a directory of all our certified techs which potential clients can view. After you are certified, you will receive an email to tell you a little more about Solo – keep an eye out!

Thank you for choosing Lash Perfect Academy. We wish you good luck for your training day.

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