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We are the distributor of Lash Perfect, Hi Brow & Hi Perfect products and training, located in Tampere, Finland. Royal Pink is conveniently situated to serve high quality products and deliver professional training courses exclusively throughout Finland.

Lash Perfect is the UK’s market-leading brand of individual eyelash extensions and has an international network of distributors in over 25 countries.

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Royal Pink Oy
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Our Lash Perfect, Brow Perfect & Hi Brow and Russian&Tahitian technique training courses are delivered by a team of highly skilled professionals. With a wealth of experience in all areas of beauty, our trainers are experts in their field and will provide your therapists with the skills, techniques and confidence to qualify as capable and proficient lash and brow technician.

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Royal Pink Oy, Ltd
Aurinkokuja 5
33420 Tampere
Tel: +358 45 128 0714

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