10 Eyelash Technician Essentials

Being a lash technician requires a lot of equipment and whether you’re mobile or based at a salon or from your home, it’s important to make sure you have all your essentials for lashing your clients. From taking bookings to drying your clients eyes before they leave, there is so much that goes into the process. Read on to ensure you don’t forget anything when you start out being a lash tech.

#1 A Dairy or Online Booking System

If you’re just starting out, you can’t expect to be fully booked straight straight away. This is why we recommend starting off with a diary. With a dairy, you can easily organise your days and clients. There are so  personalised diary companies where you can create you own dairy with your own branding on it


#2 Tweezers & Lash Wands

Tweezers are one of the most essential tools for lashing. You must ensure you have twso different types of tweezers, the first being your isolation tweezers. isolation tweezers work to single out your natural lash of choice for the most flawless type of application.  The other type of tweezers are your lashing tweezers, these are what you will use to pick up and apply the lashes with. Alongside this, of course you will need lash wands too, these are important for brushing through your fluffy pieces of artwork and perfecting them.


#3 Lash Tape or Pads

Now, we all know how essential lash tape is. As you should have learned on our lash course, if you do not apply tape or pads to stick down your clients bottom lashes, this can result in your clients bottom lashes and top lashes interwinding and their eye being glued shut, now that wouldn’t be great for business! Lash tape or pads are used to keep the bottom lashes from getting attached to the glue when your clients eye is shut. For clients with sensitive eyes and skin, check out our very own microfoam tape.  

#4 Eyelash Adhesive

Another essential for lashing is lash glue. Your adhesive is there to pull everything together, it is the finishing touch for the lashes which will ensure your clients lashes will look beautiful for the coming weeks.

#5 Lash Primer

Looking after lashes is essential for client retention, primer ensures all debris and oils are sripped from the lashes prior to the application off new ones. Essentially, this wil make a big difference in client retention, by priming the lashes before treatment, you are balancing the pH level of natural lashes, resulting in a better bond between the extensions and the natural lashes, and, ultimately, longer retention.

#7 Beauty Salon Bed and Pillow

When you are just starting out, a lash bed is probably one of the biggest investment you can make for your lash studio. When choosing a lash bed, the key is to find the perfect balance so that both the artist and the client feel comfortable and at ease. Lash beds are a popular choice but so are massage tables, it’s important to not only consider the clients comfort but also your own while choosing a beauty salon bed, as this is what you will be doing all day, every day and you need to guarantee comfort.

#8 Lash Tile

The eyelash extension glass tile is a great place to place your eyelash extension adhesive and eyelash extensions while you work, it’s a very popular tool and advised to use when carrying out your treatments. The lash extension tile provides a clean surface for your eyelash extension strips to be placed on.

#9 Lash Remover

Popular gel & cream glue remover is used to remove the partial or entire set of eyelash extensions. The key mission of a professional eyelash glue remover is not only to remove lash extensions but to do it without harming your natural lashes.

#10 High Quality Lashes

Lastly, the most important thing you will need to start lashing is of course, is high-quality lashes. Choosing your lash provider is important as it’s essential you choose the most high-quality eyelashes to guarantee client retention. If you’re finding it difficult to choose your types of lashes, check out our page here. Alternatively, you can shop our lash extensions here. 

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