How to become an Eyelash Technician

As the beauty industry is constantly evolving and expanding, a career as an Eyelash Technician is a popular choice with many perks. As a technician, you can have the flexibility of being self-employed and managing your own business – your work/life balance can be completely tailored by and for you. Eyelash extensions and lash lifts are in-demand salon services, with various options offered making them suitable for a wide range of clients.

There are various ways in which you can learn the skills and gain the qualifications needed to become a lash tech, all of which are flexible and can be worked around your schedule. Find out all you need to know about how to become an Eyelash Technician below.


What do you need to become an Eyelash Technician in the UK?

To become a lash tech, it is important to attend a recognized training course which qualifies you to perform treatments. Lash Perfect’s fully accredited courses offer training in Classic Individual, Russian and Express lashes, and allow you to gain the appropriate insurance. Insurance is available through various bodies, including The Beauty Guild and ABT. When you train with Lash Perfect, you receive a special discount code for ABT.

Training is the most essential part of becoming a lash technician – it is essential you obtain the correct qualifications, and practice, practice, practice before using professional products and tools around a client’s eyes. With Lash Perfect, this is all part of the training process – our expert trainers will ensure you leave your training feeling confident in your chosen treatment, and we are always on hand to help with any technical queries during and after your training.

1) Book training

Here at Lash Perfect, we provide training courses that cover lashes, brows and microblading. Our lash courses include training in Classic, Russian and Express eyelash extensions. Lash extensions are a profitable service, with a treatment RRP of up to £200 per lash set depending on location!


Price you can charge (based on a full set)

Classic Lashes

£60 - £150 depending on location

Russian Lashes

£80 - £200 depending on location

Express Lashes

£15 - £35 depending on location

2) Get Qualified

Whether you work in a salon or are planning to work from home you will need to gain relevant lash qualifications. Courses accredited by the Beauty Guild, HABIA or ABT are advised. An NVQ/VRQ qualification requires an additional assessment, which is generally required for those working in a salon or those planning on providing training themselves.

Some courses will require follow up case studies - these will require you to practice the skills acquired on your course on a mannequin head or a live model (likely a friend or family member). You will need to document your practice with photos – your trainer will then assess these and sign you off (at which point you will receive your certificate) or advise on further practice and how to improve. After this, you will become qualified to administer eyelash extensions to clients.

3) Get Insurance

When becoming an Eyelash Technician, one of the first things you need to do after completing your course is obtain insurance. There are a few different types of essential insurance cover you will need, depending on your business.

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is deemed to be one of the most important types of insurance you’ll need in this sector. This cover will protect you against the cost of claims made by members of the public for various incidents that occur in connection with your business activities. For example, in the unlikely event of something going wrong in the treatment procedure, you would be covered. Public Liability Insurance is essential to protect both yourself and your clients.

Products Liability Insurance

Alongside Public Liability Insurance is Products Liability Insurance, both of which are usually purchased together. This covers any claims that arise that involve the defects of products you have used, sold or supplied.

Employers Liability Insurance & Property Insurance

There is also Employers Liability Insurance and property insurance, which both apply if you’re working in a salon and employing people. This type of insurance is a legal requirement if you have people working for you, whether they’re on a part-time basis or not.

Other insurance

Particularly if you’re self-employed, it's also worth looking into Personal Accident and Sickness Insurance. This will cover you if you become ill and are unable to work due to sickness or injury. A lumpsum is often payable if you’re unable to return to work.


Experience to become an Eyelash Technician

Becoming a good lash tech is all about practice, practice, practice, and finding the right application technique for you. On average, it takes technicians three to six months of practice before they are able to call themselves a lash expert, though this is dependent on the individual.

Lash Perfect Training offers a comprehensive guide to the application of lash extensions, as well as creating bespoke lash extension styles for your clients, and carrying out lash lifts. Some people pick up the techniques right away, while it takes others a while to practice and perfect. Either way, it is important to remain positive, and remember that we are only ever a phone call, email or DM on social away should you need any help.



Common Questions

How much does it cost to go on an eyelash extension course?

The price depends upon the course (and kit) you decide on taking, the location, and what brand or company you choose to train with. Price ranges in the UK tend to be between £250 and £550. Though online courses can be less. If you wish to train with us at Lash Perfect, check out our courses and prices here.

Information on Lash Perfect Remote Online Training is also available here.

What tools do Eyelash Technicians need to carry out their treatments?

Eyelash Technicians require a range of different equipment for their work. This includes:

  • Lash Tweezers
  • High Quality Lashes
  • Eyelash Adhesive
  • Eyelash Extension Tape
  • Lash Brushes
  • Primer and Micro-brushes
  • Eye Gel Patches
  • Make-up Remover

You can find some of these products on our online shop here.


Lash Perfect training also includes comprehensive kit options, so you can have all the products and tools you need to get started offering lash extensions!


What’s the best way to build up clientele?

To begin with, you’ll need to give yourself a name and set up social media accounts dedicated to your business or salon. Social media will be one of the biggest gateways to find potential clients. By using location-specific hashtags, competitions and client feedback, it won’t take long to build up an online portfolio of your work to get your salon or business noticed.

To start with, it’s going to be all about practice. Most technicians begin gaining clients by offering their service at a discounted rate, for training purposes. This way you can build up an online portfolio of photos using social media to document your progress. In a very competitive industry, visually documenting your work will be your most effective way of getting it out there.

Word of mouth is also an undeniable factor in gaining clients, and you can ask your friends and family to help spread the word about your business.


How To Get Lashing with Lash Perfect   

We are currently offering training in Classic, Russian and Express eyelash extensions and Lash Lift in-person in London, Essex, Birmingham, Manchester, and Scotland. Prices start from £350 and include a professional lash kit. Course durations range from half a day to a full day.

Due to the current pandemic, Lash Perfect has also introduced Remote Online Training. More information is available here.


Classic Lash Extension Training

What is taught on the course?

Classic Lash Extension Training

Lash Perfect's Classic eyelash extension training course explains everything you need to know about applying individual lash extensions. The course covers:

  • Product knowledge
  • Lash types, curls, thicknesses & lengths
  • Health & safety in relation to working around the eye area
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Aftercare advice
  • Treatment procedure and application
  • How to carry out a lash consultation
  • Isolation technique
  • Removal procedure


Russian Lash Extension Training

What is taught on the course?

Lash Perfect's Russian lash course covers everything you need to know about providing Russian lash treatments. The course includes:

  • Health & safety in relation to eyes
  • Product knowledge
  • Customer care
  • Preparation
  • In-depth practical & theory in our multi-lash technique
  • Adapting the technique to achieve different results
  • How to pick up different volumes of lashes
  • Lash removal
  • Aftercare/maintenance advice
  • Use of Varia and Ultra-Fine Lashes in addition to Russian


Express Lash Extension Training

What is taught on the course?

The Lash Perfect Express Lash Extension training explains everything that lash technician needs to know about using the express technique. It includes:

  • Health & safety in relation to working close to eyes
  • The treatment procedure
  • Contra-indications
  • Lash removal procedure
  • Aftercare advice
  • Product and brand information, including the adhesive curing process, and lash curls, thicknesses and lengths


Lash Perfect Lash Lift Training

Do you want to add another feature to your beauty expertise? Lash lifting is a popular addition to eyelash services. It’s perfect for clients who are seeking an alternative to extensions and looking to naturally enhance their own lashes. Lash lifting is a natural lash enhancement that lifts the lashes from the root, to give the appearance of longer, thicker lashes that can last up to 6 - 8 weeks.

What is taught on the course?

Lash Perfect's Lash Lift training course will cover everything you need to know to be able to perform lash lift treatments for your clients. The course will cover:

  • Health and safety in relation to working around the eye area
  • Contra-indications
  • Product and brand knowledge
  • Tinting (placebo tint used on the training day)
  • Treatment procedure
  • Curling process for hair structure
  • Aftercare advice/homecare advice

Book your lash training course today with Lash Perfect

We have courses available in London, Essex, Birmingham, Manchester and Scotland for when we’re back up and running. Book your today remote online training today.

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