The art of applying a semi-permanent eyebrow colour to your brows


Microblading is an innovative and long-lasting treatment that involves the application of a semi-permanent colour to the eyebrow with a fine, sterile blade. This treatment, a new and improved version of brow tattooing, involves delicately drawing tiny precision hair strokes onto the brow area to create a perfectly shaped brow. This is an intricate treatment which takes 2 – 3 hours to carry out and is fast becoming a salon favourite!

This treatment creates a natural look; it’s almost impossible to tell the Microblading brow strokes from the real hairs.

If you’re worried about keeping up with the ever-changing brow trends, this treatment is ideal for you. Though your brow game will stay strong for up to 18 months, you’re not committed forever. After this time, your brows will have faded, and just in time for you to jump on the next brow trend!

Say goodbye to the morning brow struggle with Brow Perfect Microblading!

Should I get Microblading?

Brow Perfect Microblading is a intricate treatment carried out by expert technicians who have to undergo intense Microblading training in order to use our high quality, tried and tested products. Your local Brow Perfect technician will be able to access if you are suitable for the treatment - most people are, however there are some conditions and medications that may alter the results. Before all Microblading treatments, technicians carry out thorough consultations to ensure there are no factors that could affect the treatment.

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Should I train in Microblading?

Brow Perfect offers accredited training in Microblading. Please visit our training pages for more information.

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