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What Are Airbrush Brows?

Hi Brow Airbrush is the latest trending brow treatment which utilises a professional airbrush machine and expertly designed brow stencils to apply a semi-permanent eyebrow tint with speed. The treatment offers superior precision and control, resulting in crisp, defined brows that can be built up to provide any brow style, from natural and ombre to bold and dramatic. 


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Professional Hi Brow Airbrush Products

These are the key products needed to perform Hi Brow Airbrush treatments. There are also two kits available with a full range of products.  

Benefits of Hi Brow Airbrush

  •  Hi Brow Airbrush allows you to create a variety of different looks ranging from a natural appearance to a fuller, bolder brow.  
  • The results are long lasting. 
    Tint colours can be expertly mixed to ensure the most appropriate colour for your client.   
  • Our specialised brow stencils are easy to mould into the desired brow shape and have very strong adhesion to the skin, creating sharp and precise brows.  
  • Airbrush brows help to fill sparse areas giving a fuller appearance. 
  • This treatment takes just 20-30 minutes and will give the appearance of thicker, fuller, precise brows that are expertly styled into the client’s desired shape.

Training in Hi Brow Airbrush 

The Hi Brow Airbrush Brows Online Course dives into detail about how to offer successful airbrush brow treatments. 

This online masterclass is intended for technicians who already have some experience in eyebrow services and are confident with basic knowledge such as brow mapping/design and tinting theory/techniques. 

The course covers:  

  • Product Theory 
  • Product Maintenance 
  • Treatment Theory  
  • Treatment Step-By-Step 
  • Troubleshooting 

After you have worked your way through the course, and have practiced with your airbrush brows kit, you will need to upload a picture of an airbrush brows treatment to the training platform.  

Our trainers will provide you with useful feedback on your treatment image to continue developing your treatment skills. Once our training team approves the image, you can then download your certificate.  

How To Use Hi Brow Airbrush & Products 

Our mini tutorial video shows how to use the Hi Brow Airbrush and tinting products. For more technical information, please refer to the training page to find out more about our online airbrush brows training course. 

Airbrush Brows FAQs 

Q: How much should I charge for professional airbrush brow treatments? 

A: As a professional treatment, it is recommended to charge £25 - £29 for Airbrushing Tint with Shaping and £14 - £18 for Airbrushing Tint only. 

Q: How long does an airbrush brow treatment take? 

A: This treatment takes just 20-30 minutes and will give the appearance of thicker, fuller, precise brows that are expertly styled into the client’s desired shape.    

Q: How long do airbrushed brows last?  

A: This varies on many factors including products used and hair type. When airbrushing with Hi Brow Stain products, results can last up to 10 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the brow hairs.  

Q: Can you airbrush brows after a brow lamination treatment? 

A: Yes! Using the Hi Brow Airbrush to provide a tint with brow stain products after a lamination treatment is the perfect way to complete the look. Just ensure to adhere to adapted tint timings after brow lamination.  

Q: What are the benefits of airbrush brow tinting compared to traditional methods? 

A: There are several benefits:  

• Speed: The application process is much faster than traditional brow tinting.  

• Precision: The airbrush allows for incredible control.  

• Versatile Looks: The fine mist can create whatever brow look is desired, from subtle and natural to bold and defined.  

• Long-lasting: The tint typically lasts for up to 10 days on the skin and 6 weeks on the hairs.  

• Even application: Eliminates patchy brows and ensures consistent colour throughout.  

Q: Can anyone train on the Hi Brow Airbrush Brows course? 

A: This course is recommended for those with previous brow experience. Take a look at the Hi Brow Style & Tint Course to learn about brow shaping, colouring and styling first, then you’ll be able to progress onto advanced treatments such as Hi Brow Airbrush and Hi Brow Lamination.

How Much Can I Charge For Airbrush Brow Treatments?

Pricing will depend on your location, competition in your area and your skill/certification level, but roughly you can expect to charge the below for airbrush brow treatments versus other professional tinting treatments.

Hi Brow Airbrush Hi Brow Hybrid Stain Dye Hi Brow Professional Tint
£14 - £18 £11.00 £9.95


Hi Brow Airbrush TreatmentHi Brow Airbrush Treatment
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