Microblading is an innovative and long-lasting professional brow treatment that involves the application of a semi-permanent colour to the eyebrow with a fine, sterile blade.

Brow Perfect Microblading

In this treatment, which is an improved version of brow tattooing, tiny precision hair strokes are drawn delicately on the brow area to mimic real hair and create a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Every stroke is drawn individually in the direction of natural hair growth, allowing you to build a completely personalised look for your client. A sterile blade is used to draw precise hair strokes by dipping the blade into the pigment and pulling it through the skin, creating a small incision and implanting the colour. Microblading is an incredibly popular and profitable semi-permanent brow treatment which is adaptable to suit all client preferences. Sites such as Elle and Cosmopolitan have featured interesting articles on the benefits of microblading, which has only increased interest among clients worldwide!  

Brow Perfect Microblading

Is microblading permanent? How long does microblading last?

Microblading lasts for up to 18 months, at which time most clients will book in for a top up to refresh their brow style.

Microblading has less longevity than semi-permanent brow makeup or tattoos for eyebrows. This is because the mineral based pigment is placed into the epidermis. The epidermis is constantly regenerating and renewing itself, meaning that fading of pigment is normal, and to be expected.

This is a benefit for a lot of clients who don’t want to commit to a lifelong brow tattoo, but want fuss-free brows for over a year!

How long does a microblading treatment take?

This is an intricate treatment which takes 2 – 3 hours to carry out. This time involves a thorough consultation, in which the client and the microblading technician choose pigment colour and the shape of the microbladed brows and decide on the final look with the help of brow mapping.

Can microblading brows have a natural result?

Unlike other semi-permanent or permanent brow treatments that block your brows out with colour, giving the ‘Sharpie brows’ look, this treatment creates a natural look; it’s almost impossible to tell the microblading brow strokes from the real hairs.

As a certified microblading tech, you will be in complete control of the treatment and can tailor the service to suit the requirements of each client.

How much is microblading?

It is recommended that certified technicians charge between £150 - £350 per treatment, depending on location. This is one of the most profitable treatments, with microblading cost at just £11 - £13 per treatment!

Do I need to train in microblading?

Yes. Microblading is an advanced treatment that needs a skilled technician with complete knowledge of health, safety, hygiene and microblading aftercare in order to be able to provide safe and successful treatments.

As with all professional beauty training, it is important to attend a recognised training course which qualifies you to perform treatments. Lash Perfect Academy, with premium brow training and product brand Brow Perfect, offers a fully accredited brow microblading course. Not only does this course teach you everything you need to know about microblading eyebrows, but it also allows you to gain the appropriate insurance. Insurance is available through various bodies, including ABT. When you train with Lash Perfect Academy, you receive a special discount code for ABT.

Microblading training is crucial to ensure you are providing the best possible treatments, with the best possible results. It is essential you obtain the correct qualifications and practice your microblading technique before using professional products and microblading tools on any client. With Lash Perfect Academy, this is all part of the training process – our expert trainers will ensure you leave your training feeling confident in your chosen treatment, and we are always on hand to help with any technical queries during and after your training.

Further information on the Brow Perfect Microblading 2-day accredited training course is available.

What does the microblading treatment involve?

Firstly, a full consultation is carried out to assess the client’s suitability for the treatment. There are microblading contra-indications which could mean the client is unable to have the treatment. As a technician, you will need to learn about certain medical conditions which could prevent the treatment from taking place. A microblading scratch test is performed prior to the treatment. Pigment is applied with a blade to a small area behind the ear. The treatment cannot be carried out if there is a positive reaction. With a negative reaction, there is no change in the area and the treatment can commence. The scratch test must be performed at least 24 hours before the treatment.

Brow Perfect Microblading | Before Treatment Brow Perfect Microblading | After Treatment

On the day of the treatment, the technician will clean the brow area thoroughly, then map the brows, drawing the brow frame to guide where they will place the microblading strokes. The client will view the brow frame and check they are happy with it. Then, the microblading begins!


The selected microblading pigment is applied to the brows with the fine, sterile blade, one brow at a time. The first pass of strokes are drawn, then the brow is saturated with pigment and covered with cling film while the other brow is worked on. This ensures the colour is implanted into the skin.


This process is repeated on the other brow, then, a second pass of brow strokes are drawn to build up the desired style in both brows.

Any additional strokes to complete the brow are added on the third pass of brow strokes, then the brows are saturated with pigment again and left to soak.

After this time, the brows are gently wiped clean and the client can admire their new brow look!

How uncomfortable is the treatment?

As everyone feels pain differently it is not easy to explain the level of discomfort each client will experience. Most people describe the treatment as feeling like small scratches.

It is important to settle the client’s concerns by offering reassurance that the process can be stopped at any time to allow for a break.

Is there a need to have a top-up treatment?

It is always recommended to have a top up treatment to ensure there is sufficient pigment in the skin to achieve a long-lasting shape and colour. However, some clients may prefer not to have top-up treatment if they are happy with the depth of colour that one session provides.

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