How To Keep Eyelashes Healthy!

We can’t stress enough how important it is to educate yourself and your clients regarding eyelash shedding. Eyelashes, and all hair for that matter, shed – it’s completely natural! This lash cycle can cause shorter retention times of client’s eyelash extension treatments, but it does not reflect the quality of your work.

We all have different lash cycles, but on average we lose around five eyelashes a day. There are many contributing factors that can impact the health of an eyelash and its lifespan.

The health and therefore condition of lashes depends on the quality of the blood that feeds the Dermal Papilla at the base of each hair follicle. Our blood quality can be compromised by many external factors like drugs, medication, our emotions, hormones and even the weather. 

To improve the quality of the blood that feeds the eyelashes, we recommend the following;

  • All about Vitamin D: Regular exposure to the sunlight will increase Vitamin D which is a major player in keeping the human body healthy.
  • Healthy Eating = Healthy Eyelashes: A well-balanced diet packed with nutrients and iron rich food will help nourish the blood cells.
  • Running for My Lashes! Frequent exercise increases blood flow to circulate more oxygen and nutrients to the blood cells.

We offer retail products that will help promote healthy hair growth using an active ingredient that has been tried and tested by industry professionals.

Capixyl is an innovative and powerful cosmetic ingredient that when used regularly can provide fuller, thicker and more luscious looking lashes within 8 weeks.  

Hi Brow Growth & Conditioning Serum with its unique brush to deliver the product through the hairs and onto the skin,and Lash Perfect Black Mascara with Lash Enhancing Serum, an indulgent creamy consistency that coats each lash with active ingredients.

Eyelash and eyebrow serum
Hi Brow Growth and Conditioning Serum

Lash Perfect Black Enhancing Mascara

Helping your clients understand about natural eyelash shedding, and providing them with these tips and product recommendations will not only help your clients have beautiful, healthy natural lashes, but will ensure your extension treatments last for as long as possible!