1. Training

    Beauty Training: Frequently Asked Questions ANSWERED

    Confused about the world of lash extensions and brow training? Our blog tackles FAQs to shed light on the in-demand training courses available for lash extensions, lash lift, brow lamination and more. Whether you're a beauty tech already or an aspiring technician, this blog aims to answer your burning questions about training! So, dive in and get clued up on professional beauty training. 

  2. Training

    Combo Treatments: Why Offering 2 Treatments in One Just Makes Sense

    Combo Beauty Treatments 
    The easiest way to maximise your earnings is to offer two complimenting beauty treatments at once which can be performed simultaneously. Whether you are a lash, brow, nail or hair technician, you can introduce 2-in-1 treatments which will entice customers to opt for further treatments and boost your productivity, whether in salon or mobile. 

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