Delphi Colour Corrector (10ml)

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Delphi is a corrective yellow colour, used to cool other pigments. All of our pigments are named after Greek goddesses; Delphi was known as the Oracle of Delphi or Pythia, and was the high priestess of the temple of Apollo.
  • Long lasting pigments expertly designed for the Microblading treatment.
  • 8 colours and 2 corrective colours available.
  • Pigments can be mixed to create a completely bespoke colour.
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Directions of use

Microblading Pigments should be dispensed into the Open Cup Glue Ring (or Pigment Holder). Dip the blade of your choice into the pigment and apply to the skin as required. If you would like to train in Microblading, please visit our training pages.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060144877079
Weight: 0.06kgs
Dimensions: L: 25.00cm, W: 40.00cm, H: 135.00cm
PAO: 12 Months

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