Hi Brow Black Mapping Thread

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Create perfect symmetry for brows with the Hi Brow Mapping Thread – pre-pencilled for speed and ease. Perfect to map brows prior to hair removal, styling and makeup treatments.

Clever thread designed to use to trace the desired brow shape prior to brow hair removal, tinting, styling and makeup treatments. The thread is pre-pencilled for speed and ease, and leaves a visible mark on the skin thanks to the highly pigmented formula on the thread.

The markings are easy to remove from the skin when needed with a damp cotton pad or tissue.

Perfect for any brow mapping technique, and prior to any brow treatment including tinting, lamination, hair removal and microblading.

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Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use

•After consultation and brow cleansing, use thread to map out the desired look for your client.

•Cut the thread to the length required, then gentle press against the client’s skin to create a thin mark.

•Markings can easily be removed with a damp cotton pad or tissue. 


Q: Is this mapping thread easy to use?

A: For those trained in brow mapping, it is! You can learn about brow mapping on our Hi Brow Style & Tint course.

Q: Won’t it mark my client’s face?

A: It will, but only until it is wiped off.

Q: How long is the thread?

A: 30 meters.

Q: What is brow mapping?

A: Brow mapping is a technique used to create symmetrical and flattering eyebrows. It involves using a variety of measurements to determine the ideal shape and position of the brows for your face.

Q: Can I do brow mapping on myself?

A: It is possible, however it’s always best to go to a trained tech to get the best results.

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