Lash FX Bold & Beautiful Strip Lash Collection 5 Pairs

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Bold and Beautiful Collection Is a set of high-quality dramatic strip lashes in 5 different styles. Create stunning lash looks with the varied length strip lashes.

Elevate your everyday look with the Bold and Beautiful Collection, a curated assortment of high-quality dramatic strip lashes designed to enhance your eyes. This versatile collection features five distinct styles, each carefully crafted to complement your unique eye shape.

Much-loved by professionals and makeup artists.

• Crafted with exceptional quality and durability, the strip lashes can be reused up to 10 times with proper care.
• Quick to apply and easy to wear, the soft lightweight cotton band sits comfortably on the lash line, blending flawlessly with the shape of your eye.
• The Bold and Beautiful Collection lashes are designed for quick and easy application, even for beginners.
• Once the day is finished, the lashes are super easy to remove.

Strip lash glue not included.

More Information
Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use

• Clean the eyes thoroughly.
• Carefully remove the lashes from the tray.
• Measure lashes along the lash line to check size and carefully trim if needed.
• Apply a thin line of lash glue along the lash band.
• Wait for it to become slightly tacky – this usually takes around 30 seconds.
• Gently press the lashes onto your lash line, starting from the inner corner.
• Allow glue to dry before application of any makeup.
• For a seamless blend, curl your natural lashes before applying the strip lashes.
• To remove, peel lashes gently from the outer corner.
• Remove all trace of glue from the lash band before reusing the lashes.
• With care, lashes can be gently washed and reused many times.


Q: Why is retailing strip lashes profitable for beauty salons/businesses?

A: Strip lashes are a popular beauty accessory and offering them at your salon or in your treatment space creates an additional revenue stream. Eye-catching packaging and the convenience of a one-stop shop for lashes and application can lead to impulse purchases by clients waiting for or after appointments.

Q: How can strip lashes benefit the client experience?

A: Clients can purchase high-quality lashes and receive expert advice on application from lash techs. The reusable nature of the lashes encourages repeat business as clients return for new styles or repurchase favourites.

Q: How can strip lashes complement other salon services?

A: Lashes are a perfect add-on service to lash lifts and tints. You can promote complementary lash care products like cleansers and tweezers alongside the lashes to further increase your average sale.

Q: What if my clients are mostly lash extension wearers and therefore shouldn’t wear strip lashes?

A: Strip lashes may not be suitable for them directly; however they may be looking for a gift for a family member or friend. Having retail items available in your treatment space doesn’t necessarily mean that every client will want to purchase, but it gives the opportunity for an additional sale that you wouldn’t have had before.

Q: For clients who ask me to apply the strip lashes for them, should I charge?

A: This is completely up to you. You may want to offer this service as a freebie when purchasing the strip lashes. You could even run a promotion so applying a set is free of charge for clients if they purchase more than one set, of course depending on your availability between appointments. If beauty techs do charge for application, they tend to charge around £5-£10 for the service.

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