Lash Lift Try Me Kit

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For professional use.

The Lash Lift Try Me Kit has all the products you need to try the Lash Perfect Lash Lift treatment.

Including 3x Lifting and Setting Cream Pouches, 1 x Fixing Adhesive, 3 x Curling Wands and Lash Lift Applicator Wands.

The Lash Lift Lifting Cream enables the first stage of the lifting process. This product breaks down the structure of the hair, allowing it to be moulded into its new shape. The second stage of this process uses the Setting Cream; this is used to rebuild the hair and fix it into its new position around the Curling Wands. For professional use only.

Patch testing may be required - please check the conditions of your insurance.

  • Small sachets for individual use - reduces waste
  • Expertly developed formula that lifts the lash for up to 6 - 8 weeks
  • Gentle but effective formula
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Directions of use

  • Adhere the lashes to the Curling Wands with the Fixing Adhesive, then apply the Lifting Cream.
  • After the required development time, remove the solution from the lashes.
  • Apply the Setting Cream for the required time.
  • After this time, remove from the lashes and cleanse, freeing the lashes from the Curling Wand.
  • Make sure all residue from the creams is removed, then apply the Growth and Conditioning Serum to the lashes to add the final touch.

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