Lash Perfect Easy Fan Glue Rings - White (pack of 10)

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Easy Fan Glue Rings will instantly improve your lash fanning, and help you use the correct amount of professional lash glue with its clever design. Expandable ring suitable for any tech and technique. White style.

Want to up your lash fanning game? Easy Fan Glue Rings are something you have to try...

These specially designed glue rings are used to hold lash adhesive during professional eyelash extension application. The edge of the ring is designed so you can wipe any excess glue from the lash, and so you can easily fan lashes using the grooves as an anchor while you adjust your tweezer grip.

Also ideal for crystallising lash fans for techs who like to prep their lashes in advance.

The expandable rings sit comfortably on any finger, giving you easy access to your lash glue while lashing.

The rings can be used multiple times, just clean with Lash Perfect Glue Remover or soak in acetone. We recommend neutralising glue first with water. Available in pink and white pack of 10.

More Information
Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use
  • Pull a few lash extensions from the strip.
  • Dip them in your chosen glue.
  • Put the bunch of lashes between the grooves of the ring.
  • Open your tweezer grip slightly to pulse the fan into place
  • Then get lashing!

Q: Are these reusable?
A: Yes, just soak them in acetone to remove any adhesive and then you can reuse them again and again!

Q: Will these help me with fanning lashes?
A: Definitely! We’ve found that this glue is especially helpful with mega volume fans.

Q: Can I use this glue ring with any glue?
A: Absolutely!

Q: Does this ring expand to fit all finger sizes?
A: Yes, it’s flexible to fit everyone!

Q: Is there a difference between the white and pink rings?
A: Nope, this is just a colour difference, the rings are the same otherwise.


Ensure to neutralise professional lash adhesive in glue rings with water before disposing of.

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