Lash Perfect Adhesive Balm - Strong for Lash Lift & Brow Lamination - 10g

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Hydrating, non-drying, putty-like glue balm to quickly and gently fix lashes and brows in place. The formula is strong and nourishing as well as easy to remove, leaving no residue on the lashes, brows or skin. 10g pot for up to 30 treatments!
Our new strong Adhesive Balm for lash lift and brow lamination will make lifting lashes and brows and securing them into place even easier. The hydrating, putty-like glue balm quickly and gently fixes lashes and brows in place, with a non-drying, pliable formula which gives the flexibility to move the hairs during the treatment. The strong formula is nourishing to lashes and brows as well as easy to remove. This glue balm leaves no residue on the lashes, brows or skin. The Lifting Adhesive Balm is available in 2 sizes: 10g for up to 30 lash lift/brow lamination applications, and 20g for up to 60 lash lift/brow lamination applications. Best used with the Lifting Brush to secure hairs into place.
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Brand Lash Perfect
How to Use
  • Place a small bead of Adhesive Balm onto a Lifting Brush and begin positioning the brows or lashes into place.
  • It is best to start with a small amount and apply more as and when you need. The soft pliable balm allows for accurate placing and re-positioning of the lash or brow hairs before applying the active products.
  • Wipe excess product from the hairs before applying step 1. Use balm to re-secure any stray hairs before applying step 2
  • Adhesive Balm is easy to cleanse off after the treatment process, leaving the lashes or brows product free.

Q: Can I use this balm for lash lift and lamination?
A: Yes, you can. This balm is designed to work with both lashes and brows.

Q: How do Steps 1 and 2 get to the lashes and brows if this balm is covering them?
A:The balm formula is permeable, which means the active ingredients in Steps 1 and 2 can still access the hairs and work their magic!

Q: How much do I use on lashes and brows?
A: A little goes a long way - we suggest starting off with a small amount and working in small sections along the lash line.

Q: Can I use this balm with Easy Lift Shields?
A:Yes! The balm is ideal to use with Easy Lift Shields, as well as with our regular Curling Wands.

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