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Lash Perfect Classic

Lash Perfect Classic Remote Online Training

What Is Lash Perfect Classic Online Training?

You will learn all you need to know about our semi-permanent lash extensions, from our application techniques and products and tools to important information about health, safety and aftercare. Achieve this all from the comfort of your own home with a final face-to-face training and assessment session at a later date!

Our accredited lash extension training includes a combination of theory and practical work. You will be guided online by one of our expert trainers in webinars and one-to-one sessions while you practice the technique with your mannequin head and practice lashes from your Training Essentials Kit

Remote online training is completely flexible and can be organised around your schedule! You pick the date and time of each of your sessions and can take as much time as you need practicing your technique.


Key COURSE Information

FINAL TRAINING & ASSESSMENT LOCATIONS London | Essex | Birmingham | Manchester | Scotland
COURSE LENGTH • 2 x 40-minute webinars
• 1 x 3-hour training and assessment session
• Pre-course learning, catch up with trainer and practice time: unlimited.
TREATMENT RRP Depending on your location, you can charge between £60 - £150
TREATMENT TIMINGS You will be able to perform the treatment in 1 hour, 30 minutes
TREATMENT LONGEVITY Lash Perfect Classic Lashes last up to 6 weeks on the natural lashes, with infills recommended every 2 - 3 weeks.
Lash Perfect Classic Extensions Remote Online Training


Our remove lash course takes place over a number of online sessions followed by a face-to-face training and assessment session at a later date.

Our remote online training courses have 5 sessions:

Session1 Pre-Course Learning and Online Assessment

Use the Pre Course Information to learn about health and safety, contraindications and more, and complete an online assessment

Session2 Theory Webinar

Observe a tutorial and complete revision questionnaire.

Session3 Practical Webinar

Live webinar including practical activities, watching a treatment demo and practicing at home with your expert trainer guiding you.

Session4 One to One Catch Up with your Trainer

Chance to catch up with a trainer, who can answer any of your questions.

Session5 Face-To-Face Training and Assessment at Venue

Session in which you will perform the lash extension treatment on your model using your kit. One of our expert trainers will assess your technique and give feedback and guidance so you can be confident in your new skill.

Enquire About This Course

Lash Perfect Classic Remote Online Training


Lash Perfect's Classic online eyelash extension training will cover the following:

  • Product knowledge
  • Treatment procedure
  • Carrying out a lash consultation
  • Isolation technique
  • Removal procedure
  • Lash types, curls, thicknesses & lengths
  • Health & safety around the eye area
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Aftercare advice

What is Lash Perfect Classic?

Lash Perfect Classic (individual eyelash extensions) is a popular eyelash extension treatment which involves applying individual lash extensions onto an isolated natural lash. Our premium AAA grade lashes come in a range of thicknesses, curls and lengths meaning you can create a bespoke look for every client.

Once the technique is mastered, you will be able to apply Classic lashes in 1 hour & 30 minutes.

Why Choose Lash Perfect Classic?

Lash Perfect is a well established brand in the beauty industry, offering training worldwide. We offer accredited and reliable training for a range of lash and brow treatments, while our fabulous collection of retail products gives you an excellent upselling opportunity.

Lash Perfect Classic is a highly profitable treatment and is easy to introduce as a stand alone business or as an addition to your existing salon menu.

Who Can Train?

Remote online training in Lash Perfect Classic is available for anyone to attend!