Volume Lashes - Mixed Tray - L Curl

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For professional use. 

0.05mm mixed tray. 4x 10mm, 4x 11mm, 4x 12mm strips

L curl lashes give a unique angled lift.

Lightweight, ultra-fine synthetic lashes. The softest, high-quality fibre lashes available, perfect to offer clients an incredibly comfortable and beautiful lash style. Used to create any volume look desired, from natural lashes to mega volume lashes.

Ultra-black and ultra-lightweight lash extensions.  


Excellent for: 

- Russian Style Volume Lashes

- Hybrid eyelashes 

- 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 8D, 9D, 10D lashes

- Natural eyelash extensions

- Mega volume eyelash extensions

  • V Vegan
  • High-quality and cruelty-free lashes
  • Ultra-fine and lightweight - perfect for volume techniques
  • Supplied on a thin band for easy fanning
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Directions of use

  • Using tweezers, remove lash strip from the lash tray. 
  • Place on lash extension holder or back of the hand. 
  • Apply Speed It to enable easier fanning. 
  • Apply lashes to create the desired effect. 
  • For best results, finish all lash treatments with Cure It to eliminate fumes and maximise retention.
  • To find out more about eyelash extensions training, please visit our training pages.

Additional Information

Barcode: 5060644164389
Weight: 0.04kgs
Dimensions: L: 16.00cm, W: 65.00cm, H: 115.00cm

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